About Us

Redwood Legal is built on the principle of civil litigation as an entrepreneurial activity in which the law firm is prepared to take a share of the risk where a case has merit and champion their clients’ cases.  Redwood Legal acts primarily for individuals and small businesses against large corporations.


This principle was informed by the early experiences of the founder, Alex Woods, whilst he was a management trainee and in-house lawyer at a manufacturing company in Colchester.  This is where he first came across the problem of disputes with better-funded opponents. In this instance a large construction company were able to intimidate his employers into writing off nearly £100,000 worth of work, simply because they had deeper-pockets and threatened huge legal fees if they issued proceedings. His experience of business extends to property. As a director of a property company, The Hold Investment Company, with a portfolio of fifteen commercial properties, he has gained a good understanding of the property sector. He has lived and worked in Southwark, London SE1 for the past twenty years and has good contacts amongst estate agents, developers, landlords and local businesses.


Once a lawyer at Redwood Legal is confident that the case has merit and the client is a determined one that lawyer will fight all the way to trial.  Redwood Legal is structured to ensure that the business is sufficiently capitalised to cashflow contingent litigation and to offer No Win No Fee retainers.